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For more than 30 years, through our trips to the distilleries, we have been selecting the best whisky in the world among the most prestigious and original brands: Scottish Single Malt, Irish Whiskey, American Bourbon, Japanese Whisky...
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  • What is the différence between whisky et whiskey ?

If the term whisky is universal, the spelling “whiskey” is used to refer to the production of Ireland (mainly) but also the one of the United States. Discover our selection of Irish whiskeys and American whiskeys.

  • What are the different types of whisky?

We can note the Blended whisky which is the most widespread, the Single Malt that comes from a single distillery and the Single Cask that comes from a single barrel, like most types of whisky.

  • What are the methods of whisky production?

Depending on the production method, whiskies can also be classified as Single GrainSingle Pot StillRye whiskey or Pure Black Wheat.

  • What is a cask strength whisky?

A cask strength whisky is a whisky bottled to its natural degree from the cask, that is between 40% and 65%, and is therefore not reduced with water. 

  • What is a peated whisky ?  

A peated whisky develops typical more or less smoky notes that are very appreciated by connoisseurs. To obtain these aromas, they burn peat that will perfume the barley during the drying stage. The amount of peat burned will influence the concentration of peat flavours identified by the "ppm" (parts per million - phenolic compounds, measure the impact of peat smoke deposited on barley during drying).

  • How to choose a good whisky to give? 

Try to know the brand, distillery or type of whisky that the person appreciates in order to offer novelties with a close profile. You can also opt for a whisky gift box that always hits its mark!

  • How is whisky made?

To obtain a whisky, 5 steps are necessary: malting barley grains, brewing grist, fermentation to obtain alcohol, distillation and ageing. To learn more, discover in detail the process of the Irish whisky production.

  • What are the whisky producing countries?

The traditional productions of ScotlandIreland and United States are references in whisky. Japan appears as an innovative producer and is experiencing a real expansion in the market, not to mention FranceTaïwan and other parts of the world

  • Where to find the best whisky? 

Each year, World Whiskies Awards and other competitions reward the best whiskies in each category. Discover the awarded of the year 2020 as well as our selection of exceptional whiskies and exclusive bottlings. 

  • Does whisky age in bottle? 

Unlike wine, whisky does not age once it is bottled. It is the interaction with wood that produces its aromatic richness. Collectors are looking for rare and old bottlings: between 13 et 18 years old or more than 18 years old. You can also discover our collector whiskies.

  • Why are maturation casks important when creating a whisky?

The relationship between the wood of the cask and the whisky is crucial during the ageing. It is during this stage that the whisky acquires its aromas as well as its texture according to the type of cask that has been used. Bourbon casks bring vanilla and honeyed notes, Sherry bears on dried fruits and spices, Porto on ripe and red fruits...

  • What is the difference between a limited edition and a classic whisky? 

Unlike the classic range, limited edition whiskies are, as the name suggests, bottled in limited quantities. These are often unique and original productions, to present an exceptional and innovative selection of the distillery or mark a specific event.

  • How much sugar and calories in a glass of whisky? 

The whisky is one of the alcohols with the weakest concentration of sugar because it is the result of distillation and not fermentation. Count 0.5 g of carbohydrates for a 3 cl glass of whisky. From a caloric point of view, we note that a glass contains 70 cal with a high alcohol content.

  • How to taste a whisky? 

Pour between 1.5 and 3 cl in a tasting glass to let the aromas open. Add a few drops of spring water to reveal all the aromatic qualities of your whisky or whisky stones for a fresh tasting. Many cocktails also allow you to discover whisky in a new light.

  • What are the different types of Sherry casks?

We count six of them, but the four most commonly used sherry casks are the Fino, which is the driest and characterized by hazelnut; the Oloroso, darker with a more marked character; the Pedro Ximenez, sweeter and softer; and the Amontillado, heavier and slightly softer than Fino. Browse our article to learn more about whisky aged in Sherry casks.


  • How to invest in whisky?

Future rarity, closure of a distillery, exclusivity, collection, are all reasons to invest in whisky. Recently, the Japanese whiskies are very popular, like the Nikka distillery whose production of the 17, 21 and 25 years has stopped.

  • What is a Master of Chai?

The cellar master participates in the elaboration and closely follows each step of the production of the whisky, up to the bottling.

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