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Bourbon whiskey, mostly corn-based, is part of the legacy of American whiskey and is mainly produced in Kentucky.
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Bourbon is an American whiskey containing a minimum of 51% corn. It is distilled at around 80° and aged in new oak barrels.


There are many stories about the origins of bourbon whiskey, and no single creator has been identified. Firstly, it is thought to have been named after Old Bourbon County in Kentucky, in tribute to the Bourbon family for their support during the American War of Independence. It is thought to have been created because of the difficulties of growing rye in this region.

Next, Elijah Graig and Jacob Spears are identified, not as creators but as contributors to the development of bourbon. Graig is said to have been the first to burn the barrels, and Spears the first to give it the name "bourbon".

Today, Kentucky remains the birthplace of bourbon, accounting for 95% of its production. Another of bourbon's distinctive features is the use of the "Sour Mash", a process that controls fermentation thanks to a deposit of live yeast and acids.

Since the 1964 law, bourbon has been officially recognized as a typically American product.


Bourbon is mainly consumed in the United States. Entry-level brands are often used as bases for popular cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, the Fizz or the Charleston, where its warm, sweet flavors blend well. Dry bourbon or bourbon on the rocks can be enjoyed with well-known brands such as Elijah CraigRabbit Hole or Michter’s.

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