Herbal teas & Rooibos

Soothe your day with a delicious mug of herbal tea or fruity infusion. Caffeine free and renowned for their freshness and invigorating character, they are perfect for moments of well-being.

Herbal teas, the theine-free ally

Herbal teas are drinks made by infusing plants, spices or fruits in hot water. They can be prepared from a wide variety of ingredients, such as leaves, herbs, flowers, fruits, roots and spices.

Infusions are often consumed hot, but can also be served cold, similar to iced tea. The cold brew infusions offered by Whittard of Chelsea are a great success due to their practicality since you just have to infuse them directly in cold water and they are ready to be tasted. Ideal for those in a hurry… and the thirstiest!

Rooibos, the perfect alternative to tea

Rooibos, also known as reddish shrub, is a plant native to South Africa. The name "rooibos" literally means "red bush" in Afrikaans, referring to the colour of the leaves after they have been processed. The drink produced from this plant is often called red tea, although it does not contain tea leaves. Rooibos is prized for its mild, sweet flavour, and is often used as a theine-free alternative to traditional tea.

The production process of rooibos involves the fermentation of leaves harvested from the shrub. This gives the leaves their distinct reddish colour and characteristic flavour. However, some producers also offer unfermented rooibos, known as "green" or "unoxidized".

Although most rooibos is produced in South Africa, it is increasingly grown in other parts of the world. Variations of the plant grown in other countries can have unique flavours and characteristics depending on location and climate.

A selection by the best tea houses

At Le Comptoir Irlandais, you will have the choice among a wide selection of herbal teas and rooibos to be found in bags or loose and offered by the biggest tea houses in France and across the Channel such as Dammann Frères, Whittard of ChelseaHampstead Tea or Barry's Tea. All you have to do is choose your favourites and enjoy them in your favourite mug, warm at home!

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