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Le Comptoir Irlandais pays special attention to the protection of online personal data and banking information, and provides highly secured environment through our available online payment systems. Our partners are the banking group Crédit Mutuel – CIC and the Paypal System.

Solution CM-CIC P@imentCarte bleue - Visa - MasterCard - American Express

The CM-CIC Payment system has been developed by the Crédit Mutuel – CIC group. Crédit Mutuel CIC is a key player of the bank-insuring sector, focusing on retail banking activities with more than 5000 retails banks and technological innovation services.

When proceeding with the payment of your order, you temporarily leave Le Comptoir Irlandais’ website t3D Secure Visa - Mastercardo enter your banking details on the secured payment module of the CM-CIC, which guarantees full confidentiality. Your bank is notified of the amount you paid only and does not access the complete details of your order.

CM-CIC uses the normalised encrypting system “SSL protocol” to ensure protection of your banking details. Check your payment page for:

  • A pictogram showing at the corner of your browser
    Paiment sécurisé: the padlock must be closed;

  • In secured mode, the address bar of your browser must show: “https://” instead of “http://”;
  • When changing from encrypted to non-encrypted mode (and vice versa), a notification message pops-up in your browser.

We advise systematic check of those elements before entering any confidential data, as they guarantee your security. We recommend you shop with the latest version of your browser to enable powerful protocols.

You will be asked the following banking information:

  • Bank card number (16 numbers);
  • Expiration date;
  • Card verification number on the back of the card (3 numbers printed on the signature strip).

We will never ask your secret pin code. Do not disclose it in any circumstances.

According to the “3D secure” security system, for Visa holders (“Verified by Visa”) or MasterCard holders (“MasterCard Secure Code”) your bank might ask for further authentication with confidential information to be entered on your bank’s webpage.

Exemple du paiement avec 3D Secure

  1. Place an order on our website;
  2. For the payment, enter your banking details on the CM-CIC P@iement module.
  3. These details are transferred to you bank. You are then asked to secure your payment with further authentification.
  4. CM-CIC P@iement checks your identity and carries out normal verifications to complete the transaction. 
Solution Paypal

The PayPal system is a reliable payment solution offering complete protection in case of fraudulent use of your account, with planned reimbursement in case of fraud.

PayPal carries out transactions without disclosing any banking information to the recipients. Confidential data is stocked on PayPal secured servers only. You may place an order with your email address and password only.

Discover the PayPal system by clicking here.

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