Spiced Rum

As an apéritif or as a digestif, our arranged rums reveal new flavours enveloping the palate. Breiz’île is composed of cut fruits and spices with agricultural white rum from the Caribbean. Also find spicy rums like Kraken with exuberant aromas of vanilla and our rum-based drinks like Don Papa or Bumbu.
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How is spiced rum made?

Arranged rum is a rum preparation in which various ingredients such as spices, fruits, seeds, leaves, peels or even sweets have macerated. Arranged rum is mainly made from white rum. It is an iconic drink consumed on islands such as Reunion, the West Indies and Madagascar.

The taste and flavour of the rum is the result of a long maceration of the ingredients used. They are macerated between one and six months. There are many possible variations according to desires, tastes, traditions...

Among the distilleries that produce spiced rum, we find in particular Breiz'île with rums composed of cut fruits which are macerated with syrup, spices and agricultural white rum from the West Indies, or also Beach House with its top-of-the-range arranged rums made from the best rum of Mauritius. The Arcane brand offers rums arranged with exotic flavours of banana, vanilla and pineapple that will delight all palates.

How to taste the arranged rum?

Spiced rum is drunk mainly as a digestive since only a bit of sugar or even zero sugar is added to it, unlike punch which is very sweet. However, this drink can be toned down with cane sugar syrup or a little fruit juice to soften the taste and be drunk as an aperitif.

It is advisable to shake the bottle well before serving as the sugar will accumulate at the bottom of the bottle during maceration. It is not necessary to add ice cubes, as the rum may lose its flavour. Arranged rum is best drunk at room temperature.

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