Wrap yourself with our woollen or lambswool scarves and stay warm during cold winter days.

The little story of the scarf

In the Middle Ages, the scarf had no particular symbolism and was used by knights for personal needs such as wiping their forehead, dressing wounds, cleaning weapons, etc. Over time, the scarf became more than just a utility item and took on a new symbolism: it was one of the few items that knights could bring onto the battlefield. Often offered by their sweetheart, it served as a link between them during their absence.

The scarf was then used as a sign of recognition for military troops, marking a soldier's membership in a troop or nation with its colour.

The scarf, an accessory that combines utility and elegance

Today, the scarf has become both a trendy and useful accessory, which brings an elegant touch to an outfit while keeping the neck safe from the cold.

Whether it's a warm Merino wool scarf or more "decorative" scarves from the Out of Ireland brand, there is something for all tastes and all weather conditions! These scarves will be ideal for accessorizing a Duffle-coat in winter or even a tweed jacket for a most elegant look.

The snood, an alternative to the scarf for guaranteed warmth

As for the snood, a word made up from the terms "scarf" and "hood", it referred in the 20th century to a fishnet cap worn by British workers to protect their hair. In 2009, Christophe Bailey, Creative Director at Burberry, brought this garment up to date, calling it “an innovative re-interpretation of the scarf”.

The snoods from our collection, in wool for guaranteed warmth, will keep you away from the cold for a winter that will rhyme with style and comfort!

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