London Tradition Duffle-Coats are produced in London using traditional manufacturing methods. The materials used are of high quality and modern cuts.

Duffle coats are modern, practical coats. Perfect for autumn-winter and even spring. The fabrics are of the highest quality, with a high wool composition that enables them to withstand the cold with ease.

The first Duffle-Coat is said to have been made by John Partridge, a clothing supplier in the 19th century. It is thought to have been designed specifically for British sailors, as it was soon adopted by Royal Navy sailors during the Second World War as military clothing.

The coat quickly lost popularity after the war. But it came back into fashion in the 50s, becoming the symbol of the “rebel”. It was also worn by stars such as John Wayne, icons, British sports greats and the royal family.

An ordinary coat?

A Duffle-Coat can be recognized by its long, loose-fitting style, which covers a large part of the body while allowing free movement. It's a coat with a large hood, made at the time so that sailors could keep their headgear on. One of its greatest features is its rope frog fastening system. This system enabled sailors to open and close their coats easily, without having to fasten their gloves.

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