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The selection of must-have whiskies signed by Le Comptoir Irlandais from the best distilleries: Bushmills, Glenfarclas, Akashi, Teeling, Ardbeg...
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  • What is the best whisky?
    To guide you in the search for your best whisky, find the selection of the best whiskies in the world according to industry experts.
  • Which whisky to start?
    To guide you in your choice, we have developed a fine selection of whiskies from the greatest distilleries, ideal for beginners according to your desires and your budget.
  • How to discover original whiskies?
    To get off the beaten track, discover exclusive bottlings and the productions of independent bottlers.
  • Which whisky to offer?
    To help you in your choice, discover the selection of our experts, opt for a must-have or follow our favourites!
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