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Discover our selection of rums with the organic label, a guarantee of quality and authenticity, which certifies that the rums have been produced from a culture without chemicals and GMOs.
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Organic rhum

Organic rum embodies ancestral distillation know-how with contemporary principles of sustainability. This rum is distinguished by its environmentally-friendly production methods, excluding pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The result is a 100% natural rum with an authentic taste.

To guarantee the authenticity of organic rum, labels and certifications are awarded to producers. Strict specifications must be met to obtain these certifications. Labels include "AB" (Agriculture Biologique) and "AOC" (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée).

The Best Organic Rum Distilleries

The best organic rum distilleries are to be found in Martinique. They include:

The Neisson distillery: Founded in 1931 in Martinique, the Neisson distillery has been preserving and renewing its know-how ever since, offering agricultural rums in the purest Martinican tradition. Packaged in an original bottle format, Neisson rum is certified Rhum Agricole Martinique.

The Saint-James distillery: Founded in 1765 at the foot of Mount Pelée, on the island of Martinique, the Saint-James distillery offers a range of organic white rums from a specific plot of land cultivated using organic methods.

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