Small dishes to share as an aperitif with friends or family, discover our seafood and vegetable spreads, our tapenades and our terrines and pâtés.

To share as an aperitif

The verrines and spreads are delicious little dishes to share as an aperitif with friends or family. Sea and vegetables spreads, tapenades, terrines and pâtés, find something to perfect the next dinner aperitif.

Among our selection of verrines and spreads, you will find the delicious seafood spreads from the Breton cannery La Paimpolaise. Made from langoustine, salmon, crab or even scallops, let yourself be transported by these preparations of fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

Also discover the terrines and pâtés to share from the Breton family farm Henriette. Authentic and delicious, these "pure pig" verrines and rillettes are perfect to enjoy as an aperitif or at other times simply for pleasure.

For vegetarian aperitifs, let yourself be surprised by the vegetable spreads and tapenades from the Breton artisanal cannery Secrets de Famille. Presented in small glass jars, the spreads and tapenades are rich in fresh vegetables, cheeses and even spices...

Among our selection of aperitifs and snacks, also discover the seafood tapas cooked by La Paimpolaise. To nibble and share for a convivial moment.

To go perfectly with these delicious verrines and spreads, try our Sheridans crackers inspired by traditional Irish recipes.

Drinks to accompany

To accompany savoury canapés for the aperitif, prepare your own cocktails with our recipes of the best cocktails to make at home. They will sure amaze your guests for your next aperitifs (even virtual ones).

Also discover our selection of beers and ciders from Ireland, England, Scotland or Brittany. For spirits lovers, explore our large selection of whiskies, rums and gins.

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