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With more than 30 years of experience, Le Comptoir Irlandais selects whiskies, spirits and beers from all over the world to enrich its selection and surprise you with new discoveries.
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  • Where do the products in the Comptoir Irlandais cellar come from?
    From the whole world ! If Le Comptoir Irlandais originally offered Irish products, today our development has enabled us to expand our range and put our experience at the service of a wide variety of products: Japanese whiskeys, Caribbean rums, beers from the canada,… Our experts search the 4 corners of the world to constantly find new products and exclusives!
  • Ideas and suggestions for a cocktail?
    We regularly enrich our blog with articles dedicated to cocktails. Find our cocktails based on rum, gin or whisky but also our mixers and soft drinks section for refreshing alcohol-free cocktails!
  • Which beer is ideal for an Irish aperitif?
    For a good aperitif worthy of Irish pubs, Le Comptoir Irlandais recommends its flagship brands O’Hara’s, Smithwick’sGalway Bay or Kilkenny, without forgetting of course the famous Guinness!
  • What is the difference between agricultural rum and traditional rum?
    There are 2 types of rums: agricultural rums, which are derived directly from sugar cane, and traditional rums, made from molasses, a residue of cane sugar used for the production of sugar.
  • What are the types of rums?
    We can classify rums into 3 categories: white rums, which are the mildest with a light body, ideal for cocktails; amber rums, with a more aromatic profile, also used for cocktails or in cooking but can be enjoyed pure; and old rums, fruity and vanilla, which, as their name suggests, have aged for at least 3 years in oak barrels.
  • What is the difference between rhum, rum and ron?
    We speak of rhum for the French style, made in the Overseas Departments and Territories with a fine, floral and fruity profile. The rum is of British origin and has a heavier and spicier profile. As for ron, the most consumed in the world, it is of the Spanish tradition and made from molasses with a generally softer and sweeter profile.
  • What is the difference between whisky and Cognac?
    While Cognac and whisky both come from the extraction of sugar to be transformed into alcohol, their difference lies in the raw material. Whisky is made from grain (barley, corn, wheat) while Cognac, like its cousin Armagnac, is made from grapes and is mainly produced in France.
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