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Green, black or original teas, natural or flavoured, infusions with fruits, herbal teas ... Our exceptional assortment of teas, infusions from different parts of the world and our selection of boxes invite you to travel through woody or vegetal, aromas of flowers, fruits and spices notes...

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  • Tea, infusion, rooibos… what's the difference?
    Tea, whether black, green or white, comes from the infusion of tea leaves while and contains theine; while the infusion, or herbal tea, is made from extracts of natural aromatic plants and does not contain theine. Rooibos, also called red tea, is considered an infusion, its peculiarity is that its leaves come from a particular shrub, Rooibos, native to South Africa.
  • What is the distinction between black tea, green tea and white tea?
    Black tea is distinguished by its strength and rich taste. Green tea, on the other hand, is lighter, natural or flavoured, it quenches thirst and refreshes at any time of the day. White tea is the tea that comes closest to the natural state of the tea leaf, known for its finesse and smoothness.
  • Which tea to choose?
    In our grocery store, tea also has its essentials: Dammann Frères, for its high quality tea, Whittard of Chelsea, the favorite tea of ​​the English and Barry's Tea, the Irish stalwart. These are the three great houses not to be missed for a delectable tea experience! And in the organic range, the Hampstead Tea brand offer a multitude of choices and flavours.
  • Which tea to take in the morning?
    The ideal place to start the day is obviously the Breakfast tea! The invigorating taste and character of black tea awakens body and mind, giving it the strength needed for a good start to the day.
  • Which  tea to drink after a meal?
    After lunch, opt for a green tea that contributes to good digestion. And if you need a little boost in the mid-afternoon, an Afternoon black tea is the best option!
  • Which tea to take in the evening?
    To finish the day gently, a tea without theine, such as Rooibos or herbal tea, is recommended before going to bed.
  • What are the benefits of tea?
    Used for thousands of years, tea is today recognised as having many benefits. Rich in antioxidants, tea, whether black, green or white, help for hydratation and digestion. If its virtues are numerous, it is also important not to abuse it.
  • How to properly prepare tea?
    In your teapot, infuse green tea for 3 to 4 minutes in water at 80-90 °; white tea for 5 to 10 minutes in water at 70 °; black tea such as Rooibos for 3 to 5 minutes in 90 ° water; and infusion for 3 to 6 minutes in 100 ° water.
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