Our passion for tea and its thousand nuances as well as our meetings for more than 30 years with the experts of the most beautiful tea houses, have led us to offer you the most beautiful range of teas. Now is the time for us to teach you more about this popular drink in the UK and around the world.

How is tea made? Is tea good for your health? How to store tea properly? When to taste tea? Discover all the answers to your questions through the different topics discussed below, as well as many tips.


L'univers du thé

Discover the best teas and infusions through our wide range offered by our finest English, Irish and French tea houses: green tea, black tea, rooibos, organic tea ...
Our team of experts and enthusiasts is always delighted to be able to help you discover or rediscover the great essentials and the great novelties.
Make your choice: type of tea, loose or sachet packaging, plain or flavoured.

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