Amber Ales

Amber and Red ales are made from lighter roasted cereal grains, and open up to fruity, caramel flavours with liquorice or nut aromas.
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Amber beers have a more or less dark red colour with copper reflections. It is also called red beer because of its colour which can be explained by its composition. It is brewed from unroasted malt and roasted malt (whose volume is 10% minimum). The colour and taste may vary depending on the amount and length of roasting of the malt used.

The malt used in the composition of amber beers is more roasted than for blond beers, lighter in colour, but less roasted than for dark beers, with a dark colour approaching black.

Amber beers come mainly from Celtic countries like Ireland or Scotland and also from England. Indeed, they may come from Ireland where the monks mastered the brewing and fermentation to perfection.

Through Le Comptoir Irlandais beer cellar, discover a wide choice of amber beers with aromas of liquorice, tobacco, hazelnut or dried fruits, in particular the Red Ale beer from the Irish brewery Smithwick's, the oldest and the most popular amber beers in Ireland.

How to pair an amber beer

The amber beer goes perfectly with red meat leaning on the grilled side common to both. Pair it with a dessert with caramelized notes, such as a caramel flan.

To taste your beer, opt for a straight and thin beer glass, typical of Irish pubs.

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