Polo Shirts

100% cotton polo shirts, thick and soft to the touch of peach skin for a more comfortable feel.

The little history of polo

The creation of the polo shirt is linked to the sport of the same name which was very popular among the English middle classes, discovered in India in the 19th century. Polo players were originally dressed in a thick cotton shirt with long sleeves, this was most often rolled up, the shirt collar tended to whip players' faces when they were galloping, making the practice uncomfortable. Two buttons are then added to keep the collar in place.

The sport was then brought back to England where the outfit was noticed by the American John E Brooks who decided to market the shirt under the name "button-down shirt". However, it was French tennis player Jean-René Lacoste who really democratised polo and gave it the modern form we all know today. Indeed, he is embarrassed by the outfit imposed for playing tennis, long-sleeved shirt and flannel pants, so he creates a short-sleeved polo shirt, with a shortened cotton pique buttonhole to allow better ventilation and strength than the shirt originally worn. He then affixed his logo, the crocodile. However, it takes 20 years for the polo to be used by other tennis and polo players as well as other sports such as cricket and rugby.

Trend in any season

Today, the polo shirt has established itself in all wardrobes, it goes very easily with other clothes depending on the desired style, it can very well complement a chic outfit or sportswear. Indeed, it is easily worn with jeans, chinos or linen pants. In winter, we advise you to wear it under a sweater or to opt for long-sleeved polo shirts. In summer, for a relaxed style, do not hesitate to wear it with a cap. For the warmer seasons, opt for polo shirts with short sleeves.

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