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Biscuits & Cakes

Enjoy tea-time with our devilishly good selection of biscuits, cookies or shortbreads!

Crunchy and tender biscuits

Through our sweet shop, you will find a wide selection of biscuits and cakes from Ireland, Scotland and England.

When you think of traditional Anglo-Saxon biscuits, you think of shortbreads, those little pure butter shortbreads from Scotland. Discover those of the Campbells biscuit factory, made from flour, butter and sugar, these delicious biscuits melt in your mouth.

For chocolate lovers, let yourself be tempted by chocolate biscuits with the delicious cookies, biscuits and chocolate bars...
To accompany your biscuits and cakes, think of marmalades and jams for an even more delicious moment. Tip: orange marmalade goes perfectly with shortbread.

To share with family or friends, discover the delicious, rich, moist and fruity fruit cakes made with care by the Irish brand Mileeven. In collaboration with Le Comptoir Irlandais. For the Christmas period, discover also the traditional Christmas puddings and gingerbread.

To prepare Tea Time as in England, accompany your biscuits and cakes with green or black tea. For those with a sweet tooth, opt for a delicious chocolate powder. For moments of indulgence to be shared, think of choosing the assortment of biscuits, there is something for everyone.

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