White Tea

The manufacture of white tea is one of the most delicate. It consists of leave buds that remain in their natural state and undergo only two operations: withering and desiccation. It is particularly subtle in the mouth.

A fine and refreshing tea

White tea is the tea that experiences the least transformation. To make white tea, the tea leaves undergo only 2 actions: withering (reducing the water content of the leaf as quickly as possible in order to soften it and make it more flexible) and drying (removing the water from the leaves and destroy the enzyme responsible for oxidation).

The picking of this tea is very careful and aims to harvest the terminal buds and young shoots for a very short time. Mainly harvested in China, white tea is refreshing and very fine, rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamins. Among the most famous white teas we can mention yin zhen or bai mu dan.

The brewing time for white tea is 5 to 10 minutes in a  70/80 ° water, the water should never boil. For more details, follow the instructions on the boxes of tea concerned.

To vary white tea, you can also indulge yourself with green tea, very refreshing with vegetable scents, or black tea, perfect to enjoy for breakfast.

Did you know? All types of teas are made from the same plant, from the leaves of the tea plant or camellia sinensis of the Teaaceae family.

A delicate tea for tea time

White tea, subtle on the palate, is perfect to enjoy throughout the day and especially in the afternoon during the traditional English Tea Time. To accompany your tea, let yourself be tempted by our delicious biscuits and shortbreads or our tasty fruit cookies.

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