Christmas Teas

Discover our selection of delicious Christmas teas: black teas that combine the scents of sweet spices, orange peel, almond crisps ... Perfect to warm up during the long winter days and wait quietly for Christmas.

The magic of Christmas tea

Christmas tea is, as its name suggests, a tea mainly enjoyed during the Christmas period. It is also often offered as a gift. The beautiful Whittard of Chelsea tea tins, in a limited edition for Christmas, are appreciated by all and can even be used for decoration.

For centuries, the Christmas season has been a time of gathering, rejoicing and above all, relaxing with family and friends. There is nothing better than a hot tea to fully enjoy this moment during the cool winter period.

Whether it is made from green tea or black tea, Christmas tea is above all a spicy tea. All Christmas teas are made with spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, ginger or cloves.

The little story

Christmas tea is said to find some of its origins in England. In the past, Christmas was a period of time marked by the strong presence of alcohol, which raised questions of drunkenness and therefore sometimes spoilt the magic of Christmas.

So those who promoted abstinence decided to use a drink that would not only avoid drunkenness, but would also bring everyone together in conviviality. This is how Christmas tea was born.


Christmas tea can be enjoyed after a meal or in the afternoon around the fireplace. The spiciness of the tea will add a comforting flavour to this relaxing moment.

If you enjoy your tea during the Christmas season, we advise you to accompany it with Christmas Pudding or Mince Pies, the traditional British Christmas cakes.

Christmas tea is usually enjoyed in winter, during the Christmas season, but nothing prevents you from enjoying this flavoured tea throughout the year.

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