Floral Teas

Enjoy all the freshness and delicacy of flowers. This alliance between flowers and tea leaves reveals a softer, more sensual facet of the aromas.

Our selection of floral teas

Enjoy our flavoured teas and let yourself be carried away by our flower teas with a beautiful aromatic flavour for a delightful flowery taste in the mouth.

Our various flower teas made from black teagreen tea or white tea will take you to the fragrant fields of jasmine, rose or hibiscus. Nothing better than a flock of exquisite flavours to bring a delicate touch of happiness to your day.

The ingredients for our flower scented teas include a wide choice of different flowers such as hibiscus, lotus, rose, sunflower or cornflower.

A short story

The history of tea dates back to 2700 BC in China. According to a mythical tale, a hero of Chinese mythology named Sheng Nong, recommended his disciples to drink only hot water to purify themselves. According to the tale, a few tea leaves that had fallen into his hot water were enough to allow him to lose himself in the pleasure of this fragrant beverage.

The principle of scenting teas with freshly picked flower petals or with natural essences is a Chinese ancestral tradition. The same goes for fruit-flavoured teas.


We have tea; we drink it or simply sip it.

The tea flower reveals all its richness and delicacy when it is prepared in a transparent glass teapot with water heated at 90°C. Indeed, there are a few rules of tea preparation and tasting to follow.

Regarding the moment of tea tasting, there are no particular rules. However, it is important to know that tea is composed of theine, similar to caffeine, so it can prevent some people from falling asleep.

We advise you to enjoy your flower tea at Tea Time in the afternoon with succulent shortbreads, a traditional Scottish biscuit.

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