Wool Ponchos

Comfortable and easy to put on, wrap yourself in a pure wool poncho to stay warm or opt for our waterproof ponchos against the rain.

The poncho

The Poncho is a traditional garment originating from South America and Mexico. Specially designed to cope with bad weather, its simple shape and its practical side make it a piece that easily adapts to all body types and all tastes.

It is usually worn as a large scarf over your clothes but can also be worn as a top with a belt to mark the waist. It goes very easily with classic jeans, a pair of boots and a nice hat as a finishing touch.

The wool poncho brings great softness and keeps you warm during the cold winter days, ideal for your cocooning moments at home, thanks to the merino sheep wool. A wool known for its softness and thermal power.

Having become a real fashion accessory for your wardrobe, the wool poncho features pretty interplay of braids and twists in the iconic aesthetic of the famous Aran sweater. Available in several colours, it brings an original touch to your outfit in a casual style.

Our ponchos are designed by Aran Woolen Mills and Inis Crafts, two 100% Irish family businesses, committed to offering high quality woollen clothing inspired by traditional Irish know-how.

Origins of the poncho

Although its exact origin is still debated, the first appearances of the poncho are attributed to the Inca people who wove their ponchos in alpaca wool fibre, very resistant to the harsh climate of South America and particularly the Andes mountains. This garment of ethnic origin is used by many ancestral cultures but it is mainly worn by the Peruvian people and reflects their beliefs and customs.

American soldiers appropriated the use of the poncho for its multipurpose side, allowing them to protect themselves, camouflage themselves and sleep more comfortably.

The poncho was then exported all over the world from the 19th century and it was popularized in the 1970s, used as protest clothing by the hippie communities as well as in the cinema with the growing success of American westerns.

Nowadays, the poncho is available in a waterproof version, very popular with travellers for their long hikes, thus fully protected against rain and wind.

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