Cocooning Spirit

When temperatures drop, it's time to take care of yourself! To wear indoors or outdoors, we offer sweaters, plaids, socks and slippers to pamper you in a cocooning spirit.

Winter is coming as well as the first shivers, and you start to think about the clothes and accessories that will accompany you all winter: you have come to the right place! In our Cocooning Spirit collection, you will find clothes and accessories in warm and comfortable materials.

From head…

Hats and scarves are timeless accessories essential both to keep you warm but also to add the final touch to an outfit. Discover our collection of scarves in merino wool, a material that will guarantee you softness and warmth in all weathers.
If there is one warm garment of undeniable quality, it is the Aran sweater, the traditional Irish sweater knitted in 100% pure wool with very characteristic sets of cables. Pair with a kilt for an original Irish look. If you want to try something a bit different, ladies, let yourself be seduced by our wool ponchos which will elegantly finish a winter outfit.

… to toe !

Comfortable and original Burlington socks will keep your feet warm all day long. Once at home, slip your feet thus wrapped in the soft woollen slippers of our collection, they will say thank you! Throw a plaid over your shoulders and you are ready for a nice cocooning evening!

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