Ethical and responsible collection

We favour the know-how of local workshops for a more responsible fashion. Discover our committed brands: Kusan and its ethical and sustainable values, Out of Ireland pieces in recycled knits, Tom Joule with its BCI-certified cottons or our Irish brands with local production for more sustainable practices.

Stylish and responsible

Currently, new climate-related issues are becoming more and more important and many companies are concerned about the subject.

In response, we are now seeing the development of ethical and responsible fashion. This translate into the use of a more local or organic raw material, the clothes are produced in countries closer to each other to avoid a significant carbon tax, and offer respectable working conditions to their employees.

The clothes produced are most often made of natural materials to avoid using synthetic materials which are non-renewable products (polyester or elastane). We are thus seeing the development of ranges of linen or cotton clothing, sometimes with the organic name, as well as clothing produced from recycled cotton. Indeed, the fashion industry accounts for ¼ of world cotton production, this crop is very water-hungry and the intensive use of pesticides destroys the soil. Recycling textiles is a good solution to try to curb this overproduction but there is still a lot of work to be done because the textile recovery rate is only 15%.

Among the companies that develop ethically responsible clothing is Kusan, which for more than 20 years has been offering woolen accessories designed in London and handcrafted in Nepal ethically and with a sustainable approach.

This is also the case for the stripes shirts of the British brand Tom Joule with their association Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), the aim of which is to promote social and environmental improvement in cotton cultivation. Through BCI and its partners, farmers receive training on how to use water efficiently, take care of healthy soil and natural habitats, reduce the use of harmful chemicals. more harmful and apply the principles of decent work. BCI farmers who implement this system are allowed to sell Better Cotton.

Le Comptoir Irlandais also continues its commitment with the Out Of Ireland brand and its sweaters made from recycled cotton.

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