Back with a quality production, gin becomes popular throughout Europe to make fresh and original cocktails ... Its palette of flavours varies according to the aromatic plants used for its infusion.
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Where does the gin come from?

Gin is a spirit drink originating in the Netherlands. First used as a medicinal remedy, this drink has evolved over time to become a much more complex drink.

Gin takes its name from the French term genièvre or the Dutch term jenever. In the 17th century, it was the Dutch King William III who brought this drink back to England during his reign. Gin gained popularity very quickly.

The gin is made from the distillation of cereals and then flavoured with juniper berries. Its taste is characterized by the aroma of juniper, which is added later, sometimes with other spices, herbs or aromatics. It is these juniper berries that give it this unique taste, reminiscent of the smell of pines.

This alcohol is mainly served as a cocktail, because when mixed with other ingredients, its aromas strengthen.

There are many brands of gins around the world. The best known are English, but there are also high-quality products made in France, such as G’vine gin or Generous Gin. Japan also has some nice bottlings such as Etsu.

How to taste the gin?

Gin is sometimes drunk in a glass with sparkling water, but it is most often enjoyed with tonics such as those from the Franklin & Sons brand, whose main ingredient is quinine. Due to its strong taste, this brandy is rarely drunk alone, and is enjoyed with at least one other ingredient in a cocktail.

To taste your favourite gin as it should be, Le Comptoir Irlandais has concocted gin-based cocktail recipes that you can easily make at home. Think about it for your next aperitifs with friends.

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