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Franklin & Sons is an award-winning range of tonics, mixers and soft drinks, which were first introduced in 1886.
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The Franklin & Sons brand was created in Rickmansworth, England by 3 brothers (Georges, Frederick and Albert). Franklin & Sons manufactures and distributes a range of soft drinks and mixers (soft drinks used as a mix in cocktails) & tonics (bitter non-alcoholic drinks made from quinine).

Even today, Franklin & Sons keeps the same philosophy using only natural flavours and dyes. Their range is without preservatives and sweeteners.

The ingredients (herbs, fruits, flowers ...) come mainly from England to offer drinks rich in taste. Franklin & Sons drinks are perfect for a wide range of spirits (rum, gin, whisky...). These drinks are perfect for creating cocktails & mocktails.

With their success, products have been rewarded many times for their ranges of softs and mixers & tonics.

The drinks are different from other houses on the market by adding unusual ingredients in each of their recipes: black pepper, cinnamon, star anise or crushed juniper ...

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