Shortbreads & Biscuits

Our selection of shortbreads will delight and cheer up the young and old alike.

Delicious pure butter shortbread

Shortbreads have their roots in a bread recipe used throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. They were made from the leftovers of dried bread, and over time the yeast was replaced by butter and sugar was added around the 17th century. The delicious shortbread was created.

Initially very popular among the wealthiest families, the working classes ended up appropriating it and reserve this luxurious dish to offer as a gift to their visitors during the Christmas and New Year period. For the weddings, it was also customary to break a shortbread over the bride's head at the entrance of her new home.

Shortbreads are considered typical Scottish cakes. They come in various shapes, round, elongated, and you can also find them with chocolate chips or dried fruits.

The Scottish family business Campbells offers in its catalog shortbreads with a variety of flavours, including white chocolate and apricot cookies or cranberry and raspberry cookies. In addition, this biscuit factory has chosen boxes with the famous Scottish tartan pattern to present its delicacies, as a promise of a beautiful collection to come. At Christmas, consider offering a beautiful metal box of shortbreads, a gourmet gift that will be kept over time.

For a gourmet tea time

Shortbreads and pancakes are great at tea time, they pair easily with our different teas, black, green, white, as well as our infusions and rooibos. Tea time is also the perfect occasion to taste our Mileeven cakes.

To make this moment even tastier, you can also present scones to eat with clotted cream and our Mileeven or Folláin marmalades.

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