Deli Corner

Find the essentials of British gastronomy and specialties of the other side of the Channel in our Deli corner, such as sauces, meals kits and typical dressings.

Make your taste buds travel

Our savoury shop has a selection of Irish, British and Breton specialities to make your taste buds travel!

For your sauce dishes, your barbecues and preparations with Anglo-Saxon flavours, discover our condiments, sauces and spices with tasty chutneys, mustard, vinegar, BBQ sauce. Our corner is also full of typical preparations such as the famous English baked beans, Scottish Haggis, Irish stew or gourmet fish soups.

To get your savoury selection off to a good start, go to the aperitifs and snacks category, with our specialities in verrines from the sea and the land: Secrets de Famille and its vegetarian preparations, La Paimpolaise with its seafood spreads or Henriette and its pâtés and rillettes. You can also try the delicious walnut recipes from Mr Filbert's for an aperitif or the crisps with the taste of the famous Irish beer Guinness.

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