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We have carefully selected exceptional, rare vintage whiskies, limited editions and high-class whiskies produced by world-famous distilleries for the delight of whisky enthusiasts.
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  • What are collector's whiskies?
    A limited edition, the exceptional design of a bottle, a unique collaboration, productions from disappeared distilleries, are all parameters sought by collectors.
  • How to start a whisky collection?
    A collection is proper to each. You can start with bottlings that represent your tastes (peaty, cask strength, Single Malt, Irish, …). You can also start with the essentials or even start looking for rare vintage whiskies and limited editions, all according to your budget and your desires!
  • What are the exceptional whiskies?
    The great quality whiskies are exceptional bottlings whose selection is based on the richness and complexity of the aromatic palettes but also on the perfect balance of maturation. 
  • Where to find collectible whiskies?
    At Le Comptoir Irlandais we are committed to making people discover our passion for whisky and unearth for beginners as well as for great malt lovers limited editions, rare vintage whiskies and exceptional whiskies from the most prestigious distilleries.
  • How to keep your whisky collection?
    A whisky no longer ages as soon as it is bottled, but to keep it in the best conditions, it is recommended to store it at room temperature and without direct contact with light, in an upright position to avoid contact with the cork and avoid contact with air as much as possible. To go further, discover the 5 golden rules for storing your whisky.
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