The Isle of Arran produces world-renowned whisky reduced with extremely pure water.
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Scotland in miniature

In spite of its small size, one finds on Arran, one of the Scottish islands of the South, a concentrate of all the Scottish landscapes (mountains, lochs, forests, beaches or even ancient vestiges): this peculiarity has earned it the nickname of "Scotland in miniature". Between the microclimate due to the proximity of the Gulf Stream, the sea spray and the pure mountain air, the environment is ideal for making whiskies. To these exceptional conditions is added the water of Loch Na Davie which descends from the surrounding mountains, purified by granite and softened by peat.

A distillery through thick and thin

Formerly 50 in number (most of which were illegal), today there is only one operating distillery on the island: the Arran distillery, founded in 1995 and located in the village of Lochranza, one of the most beautiful of Scotland.

The Arran distillery is renowned for its refinements carried out in barrels that have contained wine and eaux-de-vie (Bourbon, Sherry, cognac, etc.) and for the use of exclusive barley varieties in the making of its whiskies. Arran distillers describe this whisky as bringing "the true spirit of nature".

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