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Discover our collection of sweaters in 100% merino wool for women. Cardigans and sweaters V collar, round collar or high collar to stay warm during the winter.
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Traditional with its beautiful twists of wool and very comfortable, the Aran sweater deserves a place in your wardrobe.

The attributes of the Aran sweater refer to the island from which it takes its name, the island of Aran. The wool used to make these sweaters is 100% natural and breathable while preserving its known thermal insulation properties. This means that the sweater can absorb moisture, approximately 30% of its weight, before it becomes damp.

Among our wide selection of sweaters, discover our Aran sweaters made by the famous brands Aran Woollen Mills and Inis Crafts.

This sweater is recognizable among all the others with its cables and knits. It can be easily combined with other pieces to create different styles. Otherwise, nothing is more simple and effective than a thick Irish sweater under a long coat or a Duffle-Coat to get through the winter without getting cold. Discover other ways to wear the Irish sweater.

A short story about the Aran sweater

In the past, the Aran sweater was made by women on the island of Aran from pure, untreated, greasy wool. Originally made for fishermen, they allowed them to stay practically dry. They were later sold on the mainland by the women of the island.

By tradition, these sweaters were decorated with motifs specific to each family. These motifs, with a highly symbolic dimension, were passed on from generation to generation, and it is even said that they were used to identify the fishermen found at sea. Each sweater was thus linked to the identity of the families.

Today, Aran wool is available in a variety of styles for women! You can find ponchos, cardigans or zipped jackets in Aran wool.

Combine the wool poncho with a skater skirt or raw denim to bring a trendy touch to your outfit.

How to wash your Aran sweater?

We recommend washing your sweater by hand.

The best way to care for your Aran garment is to wash it by hand in cold water with a special wool detergent, without using fabric softener, which softens the wool unnecessarily. Gently massage your Aran sweater, poncho or cardigan and rinse it thoroughly in cold water. Get the water out without wringing it by rolling it in a terry towel to absorb excess water, then lay it flat on another dry towel.

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