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For more than 30 years, our experts have discovered the best whiskies among the most prestigious brands to offer exclusive and remarkable bottlings, produced from casks selected by us. These limited editions are unique and original.
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30 years of history and experience

With over 30 years of history and experience, Le Comptoir Irlandais has forged, over time, unique relationships with the finest distilleries in Ireland, Scotland and beyond.

From these lively exchanges, the exclusives of Le Comptoir Irlandais were born, the fruit of a long work of experts, but above all of enthusiasts.

Aberfeldy, Kilchoman, Arran, Kavalan, Teeling, and many other prestigious distilleries have enabled us to develop exclusive and remarkable bottlings from casks selected by us.

INK# by Le Comptoir Irlandais

Our collaboration with the largest distilleries has also enabled us to develop our own exclusive range under the name INK which reflects the art, mastery and all the quality of unique distillates.

The INK # 1 range was produced in partnership with the independent bottler Signatory Vintage, which brings together six exceptional Scottish Single Malts. Le Comptoir Irlandais chose Signatory Vintage for its reputation and its wide choice of barrels from all the Scottish distilleries, both the most recognised and the least known to the public for a discovery.

Our INK # 2 edition offers a second collection of six Scottish Single Malts which highlights the richness of maturation in contact with wood. This range comes from barrels with a light aromatic contribution in order to highlight the magnificent work of distillation.

Our INK # 3 collection brings together eight exceptional Scottish Single Malts bottled in 2021. This latest collection reveals the art of distillation by highlighting rare and impressive distillates enhanced by perfectly achieved maturation. The art lies in the complex interplay of wood, time and whisky, producing extraordinary and unexpected results ...

To find out more about the secrets behind our exclusives, do not hesitate to consult our article on the selection work of Le Comptoir Irlandais.

To go further

And because we always have the desire to make you discover new horizons, Le Comptoir Irlandais has put the same fervour in the creation of exclusive bottlings of Caribbean rums. Initiated by Maison Ferrand, there are 3 bottlings of Plantation Rum, directly from Panama, Barbados and Guatemala which join our beautiful exclusives bottlings.

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