The Kavalan distillery, located in the northeast of the island of Taiwan in the province of Yi-Lan, was named after a tribe that resided in the region.
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Kavalan profits of a subtropical climate thanks to its location that answer to their will to propose whiskies with an exceptional quality. This is an excellence factor.

Established thanks to King-Car's group, this distillery produces special whiskies by calling the bests experts of this industry.

The success of this distillery comes from the sherry's quality, rare on the market. It uses firts quality barrels: brandy, porto, xeres, wines, bourbon.

The Single Cask Kavalan has been quiclky stand out and won a lot of awards. In 2016, The IWC designated Kavalan as "Whisky Producer of the Year" and in 2017 "Distillery of the year".

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