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Browse through our extensive fine food range and treat yourself to our delicacies and specialties from the other side of the (English) Channel such as marmalades, biscuits, jams and jellies. Discover our amazing range of teas, typical sauces or seafood spreads supplied from genuine family run businesses.

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Teas and herbal teas

Taking over centuries of tradition in tea-making, we aim to delight you with truly amazing teas and herbal teas ranging from green teas to black, original, natural, fruity or flavoured teas.

Take a journey into intense aromas and exquisite flavours for your tea time or enjoy a cup of typical Irish Breakfast tea.

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Biscuits and cakes

Surprise your taste buds and crunch into our Scottish shortbreads, fruits cakes, chunky chocolate chips cookies or into the iconic Digestives.

Browse our selection of delicacies and enjoy them at any time of the day!

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Marmaldes, jams & co

Find your favourite flavour through our range of traditional, homemade recipes!

Irish and Scottish marmalades and jams are made with selected fruits for unique taste and pleasure.

Treat yourself to a traditional English, Irish or Scottish breakfast or tea time with our typical curds, velvety honey or chocolate spread.

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Chocolate and confectionery

Delight your senses and discover our range of melt-in-the-mouth chocolate bars, candy and confectionery, cherished by children and adults alike.

Treat yourself to our delicious, creamy marshmallows, creamy British fudges, and funny coloured candy rocks or try our tender fruity sweets.

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For a balanced breakfast, opt for porridges and muesli rich in fiber and taste.

For a traditional breakfast from across the Channel, make your own scones and pancakes to enjoy with marmalade or lemon curd.

To accompany it all, let yourself be tempted by a delicious hot chocolate (milk, white or caramel). To be enjoyed with cow's or plant milk.

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Deli corner

Discover our deli selection with products of English gastronomy: condiments, sauces, crackers.

And succumb to the specialities of other regions that will surprise you and bring a touch of originality to your daily life.

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Our organic products

We offer a selection of teas, biscuits, marmalades and jams with the label "Organic Agriculture".

This certification ensures that the production method is respectful of the environment and animal welfare.

Products have fewer sugars and are produced with high quality foods.

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