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Dean's story begins in 1975 in the heart of Helen Dean's kitchen, in the small town of Huntly, in the north-east of Scotland. This is where Helen first created her delicious traditional shortbread, and her friends and family loved the 'melt in your mouth' feel.

Her husband Bill, a drum major, thought it was so delicious that he decided to use Helen's pastry shop to help raise funds for the local bagpipe group Huntly. Their tour helped spread fame for their shortbread cookies far and wide, and soon the aroma of homemade baking will fill the city as Helen created her own small bakery to meet the demand.

Light, crumbly shortbread was so popular that in 1992 Dean's moved to a new purpose-built bakery on the outskirts of Huntly.

Today Dean's is still a family business that takes pride in using traditional artisanal cooking methods and is recognized as "The Best High Quality Scottish Shortbread".

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