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Champagne: a prestigious wine

Champagne is a sparkling wine born in the eponymous region in France. Recognised around the world as a high quality wine, Champagne is often associated with party, luxury, birthday celebrations or New Year's Eve. Even remotely the spirit of celebration can be shared, during a virtual aperitif for example.

Champagne styles

There are 3 types of Champagne grape varieties:

- Pinot Noir is the grape variety which is the most represented in the vineyards and is considered as the most powerful on the palate, but not without a certain finesse.

- Pinot meunier, made from black grapes, is more lively and fruity.

- Chardonnay, made from white grapes, is known for its fresh and delicate side.

The Champagne made only from Chardonnay are called "Blancs de Blancs". As for those made from Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier grapes, they are called "Blancs de Noirs".

To Champagne, a so-called "dosage" or "expedition" liqueur made from cane sugar diluted in the wine can be added. Depending on the dose of liquor incorporated, we will find the appellations of extra-brut, brut, extra-dry, dry, semi-dry and finally sweet Champagne for the highest level of liquor.

How to combine Champagne?

Champagne can be enjoyed on its own but also goes very well with gastronomy, from aperitif to dessert.

To accompany a brut Champagne, the ideal is to offer salted biscuits such as nuts or olives.

The finesse and freshness of Blancs de Blancs Champagnes will go perfectly with seafood spreads. As for Blancs de Noirs, they easily match with poultry.

Dry, semi-dry or sweet Champagnes, benefiting from the highest level of liquor, go wonderfully with sweet cookies or as a dessert.

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