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A drink with distant origins

The earliest traces of beer in Britain date back over 5,000 years! At the time, they were brewed by the Celts of Scotland, without hops and mainly with plants in order to give flavour to the beer.
Beer developed considerably in the Middle Ages in England, where it was consumed by all classes of the population, to the tune of around 300 litres per year per person!

At the 16th century, England truly marked the history of beer with the creation of beers that are still legendary today: Pale Ale, Stouts and Porters (in London). Some time later, in the 1820s, the famous IPA (Indian Pale Ale) was born: a top fermentation beer, more hoppy and more alcoholic, which still has many fans today!

It was in the 19th century that lager beers appeared in the UK, only to become really popular in England in the 20th century, especially after World War II. At the end of the 20th century, many breweries started to produce beer in an artisanal way and gave a revival to English beer.

Some suggestions for an English aperitif

Fancy a sip of England? Taste our beers from the Wychwood Brewery, the leading producer of traditional ale beer, which offers typical ales from the country. For a 100% British aperitif, you can accompany them with delicious dried fruit-based snacks from the English brand Mr Filbert’s, which produces gluten-free aperitifs, without artificial flavours and without preservatives. You can also opt for the Pea Pops chips made from chickpeas available in three flavours to satisfy all palates! 

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