White Beer

Traditionally Belgian or Bavarian, white beer is brewed with a large amount of wheat, resulting in a milky colour from which the beer took its name.
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How is a white beer made?

White beer is an unfiltered beer produced from barley malt and 30% minimum wheat, malted or not. It is the wheat content that gives it its colour and slightly cloudy appearance.

The name white beer does not refer to its colour, such as blonde or brown beer, because some white beers can be very dark depending on the use of wheat. This name comes from a confusion of the German between "weizen" (wheat) and "weiss" (white).

Types of white beer

Although there are French, American or other white beers, there are mainly two large families of the most widespread white beers: the Belgian Witbiter and the German Hefeweizen (or Weissbier).

Belgian white beers are brewed from non-malted wheat. It is usually added spices (cilantro, orange and lemon zest), which gives it this refreshing and light appearance.

German white beers are brewed with a minimum of 50% wheat. Here are the yeasts that will give this beer flavours of clove and banana with a nice balance.

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