Fruit Cookies

Sample our delicious and attractive fruit cookies packed with the best ingredients and flavours just for you.

The little story of the biscuit

It was in Ancient Egypt that the biscuit factory appeared: indeed, at this time, the idea of adding fat or sweet products to bread dough gradually developed. It was from that moment that bread, biscuits and pastry differentiated from one another.

Over the centuries, the biscuit making continued to develop. In the Middle Ages, the Crusades imported products such as spices (cinnamon) from the East, which were used in various cookie recipes. The colonization of America and the triangular trade established afterwards brought new products which were very quickly used in different recipes. Vanilla, chocolate as well as coconut and anise become sought-after materials for the preparation of cookies.

A gourmet and fruity touch

Fruits are often incorporated into cookies in the form of candied fruit. They are also found in filled cookies in the form of marmalade. For example, Christmas cookies are very popular. There are different recipes, and in our blog you will find a delicious recipe for shortbread with apricot jam filling.

The Campbells brand offers chocolate shortbreads married with fruits. It uses especially apricots, raspberries and even lemon to offer us delicious treats.

The cookies are perfect to taste at tea time, with our different black, green and white teas. We also offer very good herbal teas and rooibos. This moment of relaxation is nothing without homemade scones accompanied by a whole selection of marmalade from Follain or Mackays.

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