Whittard of Chelsea Tea

A must-have for all tea and British culture lovers, Whittard of Chelsea has been able to use its expertise in the tea industry over time to innovate.

Over 125 years of English know-how

Discover the history of Walter Whittard and his Whittard of Chelsea brand!

Today, the brand's expertise is known the world over. Whittard offers a remarkable range of teas, with evocative and enchanting fragrances and names, as well as a wide choice of flavored cocoa powders and sweetened instant teas. Whittard of Chelsea is a must in the world of tea, thanks to its ever-innovative packaging, which reuses the most beautiful motifs of classic English style, and to its creations with incredible flavours.

Teas for all day long

The English brand offers tea varieties for every moment of the day. For example, you can have the classic English Breackfast black tea for breakfast, followed by the famous Earl Grey in the afternoon, or you can let yourself be tempted by a cold infusion of watermelon, strawberry and lime. You can also be curious and explore all the brand's other flavors.

The little extra

Whittard of Chelsea offers a new selection of teas on a regular basis, playing with seasonality.

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