Dammann Freres Tea

Dammann Frères, renowned for its tea-making heritage since 1692, offers a unique experience through our selection of Grand Crus of green, black, white and Christmas tea.

Discover the famous Dammann Frère brand  

The Damman Frère brand offers a wide variety of teas. In the beginning, it was the story of a passion, Dammann Frère wanted to bring out the unique flavours of each tea.

Tea in bags or tea in metal cans?

We offer either crystal tea bags or metal tins. Here's the difference:
- Crystal tea bags : Box of 24 individually wrapped crystal tea bags. A perfect alternative for a solo tea or at the office.
- Metal tin: A tin weighing around 100g, depending on the size, which you can reuse by buying a bulk refill. This alternative is also suitable for solo tea, but also for groups in a teapot or herbal teapot.

Black tea or green tea?

Green tea and black tea both have very distinct tastes. They both come from the same plant: the tea plant, but the preparation is different. The drying method is what changes, and the nutritional benefits are altered. Black tea is generally less bitter than green tea, but still has a more intense, richer flavour. Green tea is fresher on the palate, even more vegetal. 

What makes Damman frère scented teas special?

Damman frère has its own flavourist, who is responsible for creating scented teas. It is one of the few tea companies to do so. They have therefore created scented teas in such a way that the fragrances don't take over too much, that they are lighter so as not to spoil the taste of the tea.

How to taste ?

Damman frère tea can be enjoyed all day long. Brew your tea for 3 to 5 minutes in water at 80 or 90°C in your best teapot or teaware. There's a whole protocol for enjoying your tea.

Sold in bulk (100g) or in bags, make your choice and enjoy your tea time as it should be, with biscuits and shortbreads.

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