Beer glasses

Make your beer tasting a success with original glasses. Find your style among the different shapes: tulip glasses, pints, mugs, stemmed glasses...

Which glass to choose for which beer?

Which glass should you choose for your beer? This is a question we have all asked ourselves. Depending on the type of beer, the glass can have a real impact on the drinking experience. It is therefore important to choose the right glass for the right beverage.

-    The tulip glass, a stemmed glass with a narrower top, mainly used for blonde beers with a high carbon dioxide content. This glass allows the beer to release all its aromas thanks to its flared edges. The edges of the glass also make it easier to drink under the foam.
-    The balloon glass, a wide, round glass with a foot. The narrow neck of the glass concentrates the beer's aromas, it is ideal for brown beers as they are not very carbonated and do not need to release their CO2 unlike lagers.
-    The straight glass, which is a tall, straight, thin glass, originating in Irish pubs. It is a versatile glass generally used to serve white or amber beers. Its straight shape allows it to create a fairly thick head and to properly view the beer.
-    The mug, a thick glass with a handle. Mainly used in Germany, the thick walls of the glass keep the beer at a constant temperature and the handle makes it easy to hold.

For a more extravagant tasting, there are also more original beer glasses in the shape of a boot or hourglass.

Among our glassware category, discover beer glasses from famous Irish breweries such as Guinness or Smithwick's.

From Ireland, England, Scotland or Brittany, now it's up to you to choose from our selection of dark, lager, amber or white beers.

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