Bartender accessories

Find our cocktail sets, shakers and glasses to make your cocktails at home like a bartender.

Bring out your bartending skills

In our tableware section, you will find all the barware you need to make your own cocktails like a real bartender and impress your guests at your next events and parties.

A bartender (also called barmaid) usually works in a bar, preparing and serving hot, cold, simple or complex drinks such as cocktails. With the help of these accessories, be your own bartender and become the king of cocktails.

In the bartender accessories category, you will find shakers, cocktail glasses and all other accessories that will allow you to be well-equipped to make the best cocktail recipes at home.

For your aperitifs and to accompany your cocktails, discover our selection of aperitifs and snacks made up of savoury specialities straight from the UK and Brittany.

Think also of the verrines and spreads (sea spreads, vegetable spreads, terrines and pâtés) to spread on toasts or crackers for your aperitifs and summer picnics.

Some ideas for cocktails recipes

All these bartending accessories will allow you to make all kinds of cocktails:

- Whisky-based cocktails such as the Dubliner, Whiskey in the jar, Rob Boy, Whisky Sour...
- Rum-based cocktails such as the famous Mojito, Piña Colada, Daiquiri and Caïpirinha
- Gin-based cocktails such as the Gin Fizz, the Gin Tonic or the Cosmopolitan
- Alcohol-free cocktails, also known as "mocktails", based on Franklin & Sons tonic or tea.

In order to choose the best products for your cocktails, discover our special cocktail selection and find Franklin & Sons tonics and mixers as well as the best whiskies, rums and gins for your mixes.

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