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The Aran sweater is a must have in your wardrobe during the winter. Find the collection of sweaters and jackets, quality, warm and comfortable for men.
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The history of the Aran sweater

Irish sweater, also known as the Aran sweater, have their origins in the Aran Islands near the west coast of Ireland. Worn by sailors, the sweater kept the body heat of the fishermen while partly protecting them from humidity. Indeed, wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture.

Aran sweaters are hand-knitted with all kinds of different stitches, each family in the Aran Islands has treasured the patterns of these stitches for a long time. It has been argued, moreover, that families had their own points, thus allowing the recognition of stranded sailors.

Essentially worn by the inhabitants of the Islands, the Aran sweater eventually became popular from the 20th century, it first appeared in the pages of Vogue magazine in 1956 and has now conquered the whole world. Aran knitting techniques are now available in various colours and shapes, accessories, hats, scarves to delight the greatest number.

The wool used for making sweatersor accessories originally came from farms on the Aran Islands, it is mainly virgin wool but merino wool is also used, the difference is the hope of the sheep.

Le Comptoir Irlandais work with Aran Woollen Mills and Inis Crafts, two brands that offer typical Irish products. They both highlight their respect for tradition while maintaining the idea of ​​offering innovative and modern models.

Maintenance advice

It is advisable to wash virgin wool and merino wool Aran sweaters by hand in cold water with a suitable detergent. Virgin wool sweaters can be machined washed if the machine has a gentle program. For drying, they should be laid flat in a ventilated room.

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