Chocolate & Confectionery

A special selection of the best candies and chocolates bites from Ireland and England.

History around the confectionery

There are historical traces evoking sweets from 600 BC in Ancient Persia. Cane sugar, introduced 200 years later by Alexandre Le Grand in the Mediterranean, is used primarily for medical purposes. It was during the Crusades that sugar was brought back to the European continent, where it was first used mainly by apothecaries (precursors of pharmacists). As early as the 17th century, sweets such as white nougat, praline, barley sugar appeared, followed by marshmallows and liquorice during the 18th century.

It was only in the 19th century, with the development of beet sugar, that sugar became more democratic. The last century saw the coexistence of artisanal and industrial productions, consumption increased and competition became more international.

Today, the profusion of confectionery makes it possible to satisfy the greatest number. The Mallow Tree brand offers different kinds of marshmallows in various colours, while Queen’s Delight offers us sweets with delicious fruit flavours.

The development of chocolate

There are traces of use of chocolate by the Olmec civilisation dating back to 4000 years, and later by the Mayans and Aztecs. Chocolate was then considered as the drink of the gods, it was used in rituals by the Mayas or as currency by the Aztecs. It was after the discovery of the Americas that chocolate was introduced to Spain : the chocolate is then mixed with sugar or honey to sweeten it. It becomes very popular among the richest, and is consumed as hot chocolate for the first time.

It was in the 17th century that chocolate finally conquered Europe. To facilitate its transport, it is made in chocolate bars. It was only with the industrial revolution that chocolate became popular. Indeed, the invention of the chocolate press made it possible to create a fine powder. It was mixed with liquids, then when placed in a mould, it solidified and became a delicious treat.

Chocolate can be part of all kinds of recipes today, it can be found in cookies like the chip cookies from East Coast Bakehouse, it can also be used as a coating like for Jacob's brand cookies. For everyone's enjoyment, there is an infinite variety of chocolate!

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