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East Coast Bakehouse

Exclusive brand at the Comptoir Irlandais. Located in County Louth at Drogheda on the East Irish coast, the biscuit factory "East Coast Bakehouse" takes its name from this geographical location. This new biscuit factory created in 2016 is the most recent biscuit factory in Europe.
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Ideally located, East Coast Bakehouse is about fifty kilometers from the Irish capital: Dublin.

East Coast Bakehouse mainly manufactures cookies and selects the best ingredients to make recipes.

The manufacture of these cookies is made with tasty ingredients: oats, chocolate, ginger, cinnamon, hazelnut and more surprising ingredients such as pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds ...

With no artificial colours or flavours, the biscuit factory uses all its know-how through the creation of original and delicious recipes.

The East Coast Bakehouse cookies are crunchy and are an Irish delight!

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