Blonde Beers

Crispy, refreshing and sparkling, blonde beer is made from pale malt from which its golden colour and fruity, floral or slightly bitter aromas originates.
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A golden and floral beer

Blond beer takes its name from its blonde colour. To make a lager, the malt used is often very pale, which gives it a fairly fruity aroma and / or a slightly floral tendency. This type of beer is often frothy and a bit bitter.

There are in particular 2 types of blond beers:
- Lager, classic blond beer, obtained by low fermentation. Light, it represents about 90% of world production.
- Pale Ale, pale beer obtained by high fermentation and made from special malts with biscuit notes.

Lagers can also be flavoured beers, they mainly appeal to young or female audiences with their sweet and fruity notes.

If you are looking for a beer that is stronger in taste and bitter, we invite you to try dark beers. Conversely, if you are looking for a milder beer, opt for white beers, brewed with a high proportion of wheat. (Be careful, milder does not necessarily mean that the alcohol content is lower.)

How to taste a blond beer?

For the best enjoyment of your lager, use a tulip-shaped beer glass, stemmed glass with the top of the glass narrower. This glass allows the beer to release all its aromas thanks to its flared edges. The edges of the glass also make it easier to drink under the foam.

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To offer as a gift or to discover new flavours, consider beer sets.

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