Campbeltown is located at the end of the Kintyre Peninsula, west of the Isle of Arran. The smallest region in Scotland to produce whisky, it now has 3 distilleries: Springbank, the most famous, Glengyle and Glen Scotia.
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A region faithful to its reputation

Campbeltown, located south of the Kintyre Peninsula, facing the islands of Islay and Arran, is the smallest of Scotland's whisky-producing regions. Campbeltown and its surrounding area were once considered the Scotch Whisky Capital: at its peak, it was home to more than 34 distilleries, attracted by the abundance of barley, water, peat and coal. While the island is now down to three distilleries, SpringbankGlen Scotia and Glengyle, it has lived up to the reputation it has forged.

Easily recognizable whiskies

Campbeltown produces distinctive, complex, slightly oily, salty air malts that have won over enthusiasts the world over.
The most active and renowned is the Springbank Distillery, founded in 1660. Its malts are robust, peaty and marked by marine notes, somewhere between Highland whiskies and Islay whiskies. It also has the particularity of carrying out all the stages of production itself, from collecting the peat to distillation, including malting the barley.

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