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Established in 1872 and shut down in 1925, the Glengyle distillery in the Campbeltown region, has been reborn since 2004 with whiskies called Kilkerran.
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The owner of the Springbank distillery, Hedley Wright, decided to reactivate Glengyle in March 2004, from which he bought the building and the remaining equipment in 2000.

All operations are conducted by Springbank staff, who also handle malting barley on their malting area.

The Glengyle distillery, on the other hand, retains its specificities with the practice of long fermentations, from 80 to 100 hectares and is equipped with two iron stills.

Its theoretical annual capacity is 750,000 litres of pure alcohol (the equivalent of just over 2.5 million bottles) but for its restart, Glengyle started modestly with only 30,000 litres per year (less than 100 000 bottles of 70cl to 46%).

The first Kilkerran whisky was released in 2007.

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