Woolly Hats

Cover your head with our really warm woollen hats, and choose from a wide variety of bright or dark coloured, plain or striped designs.

Keep your head warm!

A true ally of autumn and winter, the beanie is an essential accessory to protect your head and ears from the cold. But it has also become over time a fashion accessory that comes in all shapes, colours and materials. It can be very simple, sport a pretty lapel or even a pompom.

Both women's beanies and men's beanies add the stylish touch to your look. It can be worn in different ways depending on the desired style: well tucked in on the head for a classic style or slightly back for a more modern and urban look.

Kusan brand wool beanies are designed in London and handmade in Nepal in an ethical and sustainable way. With their fleece-lined interior, they guarantee good warmth and great comfort during your outings in town, walks in the countryside or on the snowy slopes of your winter sports.

The beanie goes perfectly with a nice pair of gloves or mittens and a very warm and colourful scarf. For a cocooning and warm look to face the drop in temperature, also think of wool sweaters! And if the beanie is not your favourite accessory, other headwear is possible such as hats and caps for a very different style.

The beanie through time and the world

The beanie is one of the oldest forms of headgear known. We find its first appearances in Antiquity where it was similar to a cap in leather or natural fibres marrying the shape of the skull.

The beanie is a universal garment but it has distinctive features depending on the region and especially the climate. In Nordic countries such as Russia, Scandinavia or Canada, the ushanka is very popular there with its flaps on the ears, often made of fur to keep the maximum body heat in the face of the very harsh climate of these regions.

In South America, the Peruvian hat has long been worn by the inhabitants of the Andes to face the intense cold of the high mountains.

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