The origin of the word Duffle-Coat comes from the wool of Duffell in Belgium. During WW1, the Royal Navy used this fabric to make warm, waterproof coats. British know-how has evolved over time with cuts for women and today the London Tradition brand creates Duffle-Coats of incomparable quality.

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to selecting a coat for winter. There are many different styles such as the short jacket, the overcoat or the down jacket. There is also a great classic, with a timeless cut thanks to its military history: the Duffle-Coat.

At Le Comptoir Irlandais you will find women's Duffle-Coats made by the prestigious brand London Tradition.

The Duffle-Coat, which takes its name from the material used to make it, is a thick woollen coat, often with a large hood and covering three quarters of the body.

The Duffle-Coat can be worn in both winter and mid-season with a trapeze skirt and ankle boots for a chic yet timeless look. If you want a more casual look, you can combine it with flared jeans, a nice wool sweater and low boots with small heels.

The little story about Duffle-Coat

The first Duffle-Coats are said to have been designed in the late 19th century by a British clothing merchant named John Partridge.

Inspired by a Polish coat from the beginning of the century, he created this specific garment with its traditional buttonhole. It became very popular.

A success that began when the Royal Navy started to equip its sailors with it. Thus, as early as the end of the 1800s, there were several operations, including an expedition to Antarctica during which the sailors were equipped with mid-length duffle coats.

Although Duffle-Coats are present in several photographs of soldiers during the First World War, it was not until the inter-war period that they took on a form closer to the one we know today.

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