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Today, with the same passion and high standards as always, Le Comptoir Irlandais brightens up its cellar with an addition of rums from all over the world.
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  • What is the difference between agricultural rum and traditional rum?
    There are two types of rums: agricultural rums, which are derived directly from sugar cane and traditional rums, derived from molasses, a residue of sugar cane used for sugar production.
  • What is the difference between white rum, amber rum and old rum?
    Rum can be classified into 3 categories: white rums, which are the youngest with a light body, perfect for cocktails; amber rums, aged in oak barrels for up to 3 years, with a more aromatic profile, also used for cocktails or in the kitchen but can be enjoyed pure; and old rums, fruity and vanilla flavoured, which aged at least 3 years in oak barrels.
  • What is the difference between rhum, rum and ron?
    We talk about rhum for French style rums made in the DOM-TOM and with a fine, floral and fruity profile. The rum is of British origin and has a heavier and spicier profile. As for the ron, the most consumed in the world, it is of Spanish tradition, and made from molasses with a profile generally softer and sweeter.
  • What’s the best rum for cocktails?
    For your cocktails, white and young rums are perfect, especially for your mojitos or ti-punch since they have more discreet aromas that strengthen the flavours of other ingredients. Amber rums can also be a good alternative for more intense flavours. White or amber, Plantation rum is a good reference for your cocktails, find our recipe ideas for the best rum cocktails.
  • What rum for a tasting?
    All types of rum can be tasted, but old rums, aged in oak barrels like whiskies, will bring you a particularly rich, complex and interesting experience. Amber rums are a good introduction to tasting rums because they offer beautiful flavours while remaining subtle. Use the aromatic palette of rum to accompany your tasting.
  • How is arranged rum made?
    White rum is associated with a mixture of spices, fruits or aromas to which is added more or less sugar to create an arranged rum that will be left to macerate over a period ranging from a few days to several weeks depending on the desired taste.
  • How is rum made?
    Rum is a spirit from the sugarcane culture. The fermentation of cane juice (vesou) produces the agricultural rum, which has a distillation phase like whisky, while the traditional rum comes from molasses, a residue of the sugar industry which is therefore very concentrated in sugar.
  • Where is the rum produced?
    Rum is produced where the climate allows the cultivation of sugar cane. This is why it can be from Jamaica, Martinique, Guatemala or even Japan!
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